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Weeshie Fogarty interviewing Harry GreggThis is the official online archive of Weeshie Fogarty's renowned Radio Kerry show, Terrace Talk. Featuring audio interviews with some of Ireland's greatest sporting legends and personalities, this website was the result of Weeshie's own desire to archive all of these classic interviews and make them available to Irish sports fans around the world.

We are also proud to be able to offer many other interesting audio downloads including the match commentaries from the past 10 All Ireland Football Finals involving Kerry. Also available for download is the complete series of the excellent "The Greatest Day" episodes that were produced by the Radio Kerry Sports Team detailing each of Kerry's 36 All Ireland Titles.

All of Weeshie's writings on Kerry Football and other sports as well as his sporting memories stretching back to 1955 are included on the website. Check out hundreds of classic Kerry GAA photographs from down through the years as well as snapshots of guests in the Terrace Talk studio.

Browse through every game that Kerry played in the Championship from 1928 to 2012, as well as National League games from 1950 to 2012. In addition, we have a record of all players who played for Kerry and the clubs which they hailed from.

The Legendary Casey Brothers

The Legendary Casey Brothers
In 1982 the seven Casey brothers were inducted into the Irish Sports Hall of Fame, the only family ever to receive that honour. The brothers, from Sneem in County Kerry, starred as Olympic-class oarsmen, Tug-of-War champions, professional wrestlers and boxers and won fame throughout the sporting world. Steve, known as 'Crusher' Casey, became the supreme wrestler in the world and for a decade no one could match him. When he turned to boxing, the great Joe Louis refused to go into the ring with him. In 1983 at a family reunion in Sneem, five brothers, all in their seventies, climbed into the four-oar boat they used to win championships in the 1930s. Although they had not rowed together in fifty years, they still moved with their former natural unity.

Sports people from Kerry have achieved fame in many fields but the success of the Caseys surely outshines all.

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My Beautiful Obsession - Chasing the Kerry Dream

Weeshie Fogarty -- My Beautiful Obsession - Chasing the Kerry Dream
My Beautiful Obsession captures the importance of football in the life of a Kerry youngster in Killarney in the 1950s and his dreams of playing with Kerry in Croke Park. Through the eyes of young Weeshie the passion and all-consuming obsession, widespread in a football-mad county, are vividly described.

The book is available to purchase in all good bookshops and online from Collins Press

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  • Short History of Basketball in Kerry
    February 24, 2015
    After football basketball has always been my second favourite sport, soccer  and athletics are also very high on my list and while a passionate lover of hurling when growing up in Killarney we were never fortunate enough to see an adequate amount of this magnificent game to become hugely attached ... more
  • Ringy still Hurlings Warrior Prince
    February 10, 2015
    Christy Ring was born in October 1920, ninety five years ago this year. Winner of eight All Ireland medals, Ring, possibly the greatest hurler to have played the game is commemorated in Cloyne his home village with a statue, another statue stands poised at Cork Airport, and in Cork city a bridge ... more
  • No surprise with result or performance
    February 3, 2015
    It was as many expected, a defeat, Kerry had wintered well, enjoyed their sojourn to those far away places with sounding names and were always going to play second fiddle to Mayo last Sunday in Killarney as the National League kicked off. And so The Kingdom's record of not winning an opening round ... more
  • Here we go again back on a wonderful journey
    January 27, 2015
    And so as the fellow said, "here we go again' another year on the road following the Kingdom on their league campaign. It never gets wearisome, never gets boring or dull but always exciting and stimulating and always so much to look forward to and the coming season as always promises a lot. However ... more
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