Famous Games

Kerry Prospects and that Sensational 1957 defeat to Waterford

May 29th, 2007
If the Sam Maguire Cup was presented to the county who were afforded the greatest number of written words on national and local newspapers, TV and radio then Kerry would be the top county every year with out fail. This ... more»

My Greatest Ever Game of Football - The 1976 Munster Final

One of the first recorded meetings of Kerry and Cork took place in Mallow in 1889. Cork won that day 0-2 to 0-1 but later went down to Tipperary in the final. Since then the counties have met on a regular basis in the ... more»

The Untold Story of the Game that saved Kerry

As Kerry set out on their quest for three-in-row all Ireland titles this year the comparisons between the present squad of players, the mood of supporters in the county is like chalk and cheese in relation to that of ... more»

The Goal that Rocked a Kingdom

It will be discussed for ever more. Kerry people want to forget about it. Offaly people never tire of talking about it. Mick o Dwyer was in tears after it. The county was in a state of shock because of it.  It was ... more»

The first ever televised GAA match - Kerry Vs Dublin in 1962

In this paper last week our esteemed and exemplary GAA columnists Mickey "Ned" O Sullivan was asked by sports writer Kieran McCarthy. "Do you feel that GAA gets enough media coverage"? And the Kenmare man answered. ... more»

A unique account of the 1929 All Ireland Final

Kerry's Route to the final Kerry 1-7 Cork 1-3 Kerry 1-14 Clare 1-2 Kerry 3-8 Mayo 1-1 The Teams ... more»

A unique account of the 1931 All Ireland Final

Kerry's Route to the Final Munster Final  Kerry 5-8 Tipperary 0-2 Semi Final       Kerry 1-6 Mayo 1-4 The Teams ... more»

A unique account of the 1932 All Ireland Final

Kerry's Route to the Final Munster Semi-Final Kerry 1-7 Limerick 0-2 Munster Final          Kerry 3-10 Tipperary 1-4 Semi ... more»

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