Paidi O Se RIP - Cuchulainn na linne seo

December 21st, 2012
by Eamonn Fitzgerald

He trained hard, played hard and the restless spirit lived life at a full and frenetic pace. We thought he would go on forever; he seemed indestructible both on and off the field. But, the Almighty Referee called for the ball early on Saturday morning last and beckoned him ashore from Ard a' Bhóthair .No extra time, no time added on and not a substitution, but time called on a wonderful life. Time to join Tim Kennelly and John Egan. Pulling on the green and gold geansaí set the adrenalin flowing for that departed trio of Kerry greats. He looked as imposing and impressive as ever reposing in his mother's home today, trasna an bhóthair ón a theach tábhairne agus ón séipéal. His 8 All Ireland medals lay on his Kerry jersey, beside his red & white beloved Gaeltacht club geansaí. Dara, Tomás and Marc greeted their uncle's friends from all over this island. Hewn from the same native stone the Ó Sé dynasty will live on with them and with Pádraig ÓG. Time to press the flesh with the legend for the final time . Cold hands of death, but warm memories of a modern day Cúchulainn.

8 All Ireland medals, highly motivated and a very successful manager of football teams at the highest levels, he never forgot his own people in Corca Dhuibhne. He loved them and promoted the homeland at every opportunity. His plans for The Gathering 2013 were well in place. Someone else must now follow Páidí 's crusade.; follow, not succeed, for he was unique, with a heart and mind beating strongly in all he did. His rendering of An Poc ar Buile was special. Won't he have great yarns for Con Houlihan, when they get together up above.

Gaoluinn breá, líofa, saibhir aige ón gcliabhán. Ciarraíoch go smior, ritheann véarsaí Sheáin Ó Ríordáin liom;

"Ba mhaith liom go dtiocfadh a stoirm sin féin
An oíche go mbeadsa go lag
Ag filleadh abhaile ó rince an tsaoil.
Is solas an pheaca ag dul as. "

To Máire, Siún, Neasa and Pádraig Óg comhbhrón ó chroí. Méala mór a bhás. Slán abhaile ,a Pháidí.

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