Secrets of Kerry : A Captains Story

September 18th, 2010
by Christy Riordan (C.R. Videos) and Weeshie Fogarty (Terrace Talk)

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Each of Kerry's 32 All-Ireland winning captains had a story to tell; about the journey they took, the day itself, its impact on the rest of his life. From the trail-blazing Thady Gorman in 1903 to the sprightly Darran O'Sullivan last year. More will be revealed when a four-hour DVD goes on release this October honoring their achievements. Others who narrowly missed on raising the Sam Maguire will also feature.

The vast majority being profiled were successful captains, but not all -- you will hear the voices of the dispossessed, those either unsuccessful through defeat or cruelly denied the honour because of a controversial selection decision. Included are the likes of Jack O'Shea who captained his county in 1983 and 1991 when Kerry failed to win the All-Ireland. A quarter of a century later, O'Shea reveals how he considered himself an "unlucky captain". This, and unnumerable other revelations, will feature in the DVD which is to be launched in Caitins Pub in Kells on Friday, October 22nd and at The Gleneagle Hotel Killarney on Tuesday, October 26th. Christy Riordan of C.R. Videos and Weeshie Fogarty have traveled the length and breadth of the country during the past two years piecing together these fascinating stories. Seventeen captains tell their own story and close releatives of those deceased bring back wonderful memories of their loved ones.

You will hear and see for the first time legends recalling past glories and recounting previously untold stories of victory and defeat. Stunning stuff. Mick O'Connell, Mick O'Dwyer, Johnny Culloty, Jas Murphy, Kerry's oldest living winning captain; Gus Cremin recalls his bitter disappointment at being dropped as captain in 1946, Maurice Fitzgerald and his father Ned who was captain for Kerry's sensational defeat by Waterford in 1967; Mickey Ned O'Sullivan (injured) and Pat Spillane the two captains from that memorable 1975 win talk about the drama of that day. The tragedy and love of Phil O'Sullivan (1924) told by his niece Annie Hegarty, his only living relative. Joe Joe Barrett, Niall Sheehy, Dick Spring, the Dowling sisters and Miko Doyle's son recall their father's greatest day in the green and gold.

You will visit the legendary Paddy Kennedy's grave in Dublin and hear his family talk about their great father. Paddy's wife also contributes to this amazing historic film. Nuala Kennelly and Noel speak with great love about the mighty Tim. Declan O'Sullivan, Seamus Moynihan, Darren O'Sullivan, Ambrose O'Donovan, Liam Hassett and all the rest... They are all in this historic ground breaking story and they are all yours now.

This DVD is specially for you the great Kerry football/hurling follower and you are now cordially invited to attend the launches and join in what is sure to be one of the greatest ever celebrations of Kerry's glorious football history and tradition. Proceeds will go to Kerry charities.

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